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We simply love to craft efficient, secure and reusable code. Our favorite stack is javascript/typescript, but we can develop in almost any language and use any recent technology. We both work on full project assignments and on time and material jobs, using your resources or ours, exclusively in a remote way. We can strengthen your team, working side by side with them, or we can provide you an entire flexible team, consisting of developers, architects and project managers, able to deliver complex projects on time.


Our internal design and software development team is able to create rapidly a prototype of your Mobile App to let you test it and collect feedbacks. It usually takes some other weeks to connect it to the backend services and refine the design. To act fast, we develop using hybrid technology and cloud services.
We can work on your designs or provide you an and-to end service designing the UX and UI of your Mobile App.

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You are not sure if the technology stack of your startup or organization is well suited for the business you want to build on it?
Our CTOs can, with a proven methodology used with dozens of startups, produce a detailed assessment of your technology and give you useful insights on how to improve it.
We start with an interview with the business team and then we analyze the code produced, the deploy environments and we conduct deep interviews with all the tech team members. We then produce a report that, in six sections, clearly shows the status of your technology and indicate the actions that need to be taken to put your project back on track.


You don’t have a Cto and you are struggling to find one?
Why don’t you hire a part-time one in the meantime?
You can stop investors blaming you while you focus on the business and you leave all tech chores to an experienced CTO that can help you maintain the tech projects on track and reach your goals.



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